For 25 years, Passion for Sport has been reporting from major sporting events with the aim of introducing sports fans to Jesus.

Through news, comment and discussion, interviews with top sportsmen and women sharing their faith, to reporting beyond the event on what followers of Jesus are doing to share their faith and serve their communities, Passion for Sport programmes are all about sports content with a Christian perspective.

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Fifa World Cup™

Passion for Sport has covered the Fifa World Cup™ since 2006 in Germany. In 2018 the World Cup will be help in Russia and once again Passion for Sport will be there – reporting on the action and bringing a Christian perspective on the events on and off the field. 

In 2014 Passion for Sport produced a daily, half-hour programme called Planet Sport – Destination Rio, which featured news reports, interviews, testimonies, discussion and analysis. We included testimonies form international players past and present such as Kaka (Brazil), Falcao (Colombia) and Eyong Enoh (Cameroon). Programmes also explored social projects in Rio helping young people affected by sexual exploitation, drugs and crime.

Summer Olympics

Passion for Sport has reported from every Summer Olympics since 1992 in Barcelona. Tokyo 2020 will be our eighth successive Olympic Games. We expect to repeat our successful approaches of the past, producing radio content in English, Spanish and maybe other languages too. As social media grows we will be reaching wider audiences than ever before, coming alongside sports fans through their preferred mediums with news, stories, interviews and the good news of Jesus.

Read our Destination Rio content from 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.

Passion for Sport has reported from Japan before, from the 2007 World Athletics Championships in Osaka. The sports, the locations and the competitors are different each time but the one constant in Passion for Sport’s media service is the desire to be efficient and effective as we seek to introduce sports fans to Jesus.


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